Homage to Catalonia virtual tour

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George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia is almost certainly the most widely read account of the Spanish Civil War in English. It is a brilliantly written memoir of his experiences, accompanied, sentence after sentence, by acute personal observations and sharp if sometimes flawed political analysis. The tour takes you on his journey from the small Hertfordshire village of Wallington to revolutionary Barcelona and on to fighting with the POUM militia on the Aragón front. Returning to Barcelona we’ll discuss his role in the leftist infighting called the May Days and how he later escaped from the Stalinist-influenced police. Returning to Britain, we’ll talk about the book’s publishing history and impact, and how Orwell’s time in Catalonia and Aragón greatly shaped his future writing. We’ll end by considering how much of his political analysis of the conflict stands up to today’s historical understanding.

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