Defeat of the military coup in Barcelona

Copy of the French magazine L’Illustration. August 1936 with Agustí Centelles’ classic photo showing the aftermath of the fighting in Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona on 19 July. Inside, there is a photo report on the start of the war. Part of collection of the Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War.

Bullets marks

Pointing to one of the 88 bullet marks in Plaça Catalunya, principally made during the defeat of the military coup on 19 July 1936 (also from the 1937 May Days infighting). From this 2022 study: 88 balazos en la plaza Catalunya

More bullet marks

Bullet marks along Parallel by El Molino. Very likely from 19 July 1936 street battle when mainly anarchist workers from Poble-sec and Raval defeated a rebel military column in a bloody struggle, as part of a wider victory together with loyal police over the coup in Barcelona.

People on the streets

An extraordinary image taken of Ronda Sant Pau, Barcelona on evening of 19 or 20 July 1936, the coup not yet or just defeated. Crowds on streets, a car with militiamen, the burning building is Escola Pia religious school. I don’t know photographer.

The Telephone Exchange

Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War. Republican children‘s trading card (1936-37) showing fighting between workers and military for Telephone Exchange (Telefonica) on 19 July 1936. Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War.

José Rey’s (AKA Sim) paintings

Some of our original 1936 postcards of watercolours by Sim (José Rey) produced by the CNT depicting workers (and a Civil Guard) fighting in Barcelona against the fascist inspired coup. His fast strokes convey the heat, noise, energy, anger of 19-2O July 1936. Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War.

Plaça Catalunya on 20 July 1936 

Hans Gutmanns

Retrophotograph by my late friend Ulrich Eumann, an expert in the work of Hans Gutmann, better known in Spanish as Juan Guzmán. It shows several tiznaos (the name for vehicles armoured with steel plates) in Plaça Catalunya on 20 July 1936 combined with the square today complete with a Bus Turístic.  It is amazing that within one of day of the coup the anarchist workers set to welding these plates on trucks and luxury Hispano-Suizos


Classic anarchist CNT poster. 1936. By Catalan artist Toni Vidal Torruella. 19 July 1936 refers to workers’ uprising to defeat the military coup in Barcelona (and elsewhere in Spain), the city’s factory chimneys depicted in the background to the right.