Scotland and the Spanish Civil War

Echoes of the Spanish Civil War in Scotland today. Top: Nae Pasaràn 2018 documentary about Glasgow workers boycott of Pinochet’s regime. Bottom, 2014. Celtic fans tribute. No Pasarân. RIP Marina Ginestà.

Glasgow and the Spanish Civil War

Plaque in Glasgow to the men from the city “killed in action fighting fascism” in Spain. All those names… Via the IB Facebook group

Banner “Spanish Workers Dying for Democracy”

Banner “Spanish Workers Dying for Democracy” made in Scotland in 1938 and hanging now in the People’s Palace museum, Glasgow. Found it on Wikipedia.

From The Glasgow Story

“A banner of the Govan Branch of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) from 1938. The Scottish Socialist Party was founded by Patrick Dollan in 1933 as an alternative to the Independent Labour Party. It merged with the Labour Party in 1940.

When the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936 the SSP supported the democratically-elected Republican Government against the rebel Spanish Army and Nationalist factions. This propaganda banner depicts Spanish workers armed only with spades and pickaxes facing up to the well-equipped Spanish Army. The SSP was critical of the British Government for its refusal to permit British suppliers to supply arms to the Republicans.

The text to the left of the banner draws a comparison between the Spanish Republicans and Scots Thomas Muir (transported in 1794), John Baird and Andrew Hardie (both executed 1820), who suffered for their political beliefs.”

Scottish play

Theatre bill for play on the Scots who fought against Franco. By all accounts, a big success playing to packed houses. Produced by @wonder_fools 500-550 Scots fought against Franco. 95% were working class although unlike say Welsh miners they came from a wide variety of trades.