Norway and the Spanish Civil War

Pro-Republican march in Oslo on 1 May 1938. Background banner: “No trade agent to Francoist Spain”
Foreground banner: “We seek effective help to Spain” We have a tin found in Republican trench on Segre front of Norwegian herring, possibly from food aid from Norway trade unions

Johan Wilhelm Midelfart

Willi Midelfart 1936 madrid

Painting by Norwegian aristist Johan Wilhelm Midelfart of Madrid entitled “Street in Madrid” (1937-38). Midelfart was in Spain between 1936 and 1937.

Gerda Grepp


Norwegian journalist Gerda Grepp who covered the Spanish Civil War as a reporter for the Labour Party newspaper Arbeiderbladet from 1936. She arrived in Barcelona in October 1936, as the first female reporter from Scandinavia (more on Wikipedia)

Help the Spanish children

Norwegian version of poster “Help the Spanish children” (1937) produced by Norske Hjelpekomiteen for Spania. The more famous English reads “What are you doing to prevent this?” Research by @sebasfaber has shown woman+child in fact taken from shot of Durruti’s funeral in Barcelona.


Memorial at Narvik, northern Norway to the French soliders killed fighting the Nazis here in 1940. Included are the names of many Spanish Republicans who’d volunteered and continue their fight against Fascism in these frozen lands.


Memorial to 4 of the 50 Norwegian volunteers who died fighting with International Brigades in Spain hung on a tree on the little island of Utöya. It was inaugurated on 20 July 2011, two days before the fascist terror attack on the same island by Anders Breivik. Book with reference to The 2011 terror attack and the Spanish Civil War.



Tusen dager. Norge og den spanske borgerkrigen (“A thousand days. Norway and the Spanish civil war”) A thousand days. Norway and the Spanish civil war) (Website of the book). This is the essential history of Norwegian participation.

Story of Norwegian journalist Lise Lindbæk