Yugoslavia and the Spanish Civil War

Some 1800 Yugoslavians fought in Spain of whom around 800 died. A terrible figure. Most fought in the battalions Dimitrov and Đuro Đaković, made up of Balkan exiles. They became known as Španski borci in the new Yugoslavian state


Yugoslavian women’s magazine Panorama, dated 29 August 1936, featuring a several-page photo report on the start of the Spanish Civil War.


Double LP, Belgrade Yugoslavia, 1985. “Španija moja mladosti – Spain of my Youth”. ~1800 Yugo Brigaders in Spain All four partisan generals against Nazis were Spanish veterans, while Tito was a key International Brigader organiser. Part of our vinyl collection of SCW records


Unusual late 1940s propaganda postcard from Yugoslavia comparing executions, prisons and camps in Franco’s Spain and fascist Greece. We failed to buy this in an auction.


Yugoslavian stamp (1986) commemorating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the International Brigades. An estimated  1700 Yugoslavs fought in the Brigades. The stamp features a woodcut by Serbian painter Đorđe Andrejević-Kun who had fought in the Brigades.

Ay Carmela

Superb Croatian live version of Ay Carmela by Darko Rundek. Many of the surviving Yugoslavian International Brigaders played a prominent role back home in struggle against the Nazis, this song becoming an antifascist memory of Spain and the Partisan war against the Nazis.


Yugoslav Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War by Vjeran Pavlaković. This really is rather good. Comprehensive recent published academic book avialable for free online and this article by the same author Cultural Memory of Yugoslav Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War