Australia and the Spanish Civil War

Australian aid campaign for Spanish Republic.

Showing of Spanish War films to raise funds. Assembly Hall, Melbourne, October 1938

Australian nurses in Barcelona

Australian Red Cross Unit, Barcelona, 1936?

They are standing in front of Hotel Colon taken over by the Communist Party in Plaça Catalunya, a typical backdrop for photos of Brigaders and other volunteers.

From LHS photo: Agnes Hodgson, May MacFarlane, [?], Mary Lowson, [John Fisher?], Una Wilson, [?] – Agnes Hodgson diary reference: 8 December 1936

(The Last Mile to Huesca)

“Returning volunteer” (1938) by artist James Cant

“Returning volunteer” (1938) by Aussie artist James Cant.

Online sources suggest WW1 and looming WW2 but given Cant’s politics, engagement with Republic, landscape, the year and raised first surely represents an Australian International Brigader.


Photos from Australia (1937-38) showing pro Spanish Republican relief efforts. Via

Stamps 1

Fundraising stamps issued in early 1937 by the Spanish Relief Committee in Sydney.

Stamps 2

Fund raising stamp issued I think in Sydney by the Communist Party.