Paul Robeson in Spain

Paul Robeson singing to Republican troops in 1938 in Tarazona de la Mancha rather than Teruel as is often stated. His repertoire included L’Internationale and ended with Ol’ Man River.

Paul Robeson in Madrid

Paul Robeson, Madrid, January 1938. On his left is British feminist and communist Charlotte Haldane who accompanied the singer as a translator on his trip in support of the Spanish Republic. Yale library.

Paul Robeson in Barcelona

Paul Robeson in Barcelona. January 1938. At the top of Passeig de Gràcia in front of Catalan government propaganda office, This shot is taken from a video of a 1938 short news report made by the Catalan government’s Laya Films on his time in the city where he apparently sings Els Segadors, although sadly no sound is available, and signs the Propaganda Commissariat’s GOLDEN BOOK. See here ILLUSTRIOUS VISITORS. PAUL ROBESON IN BARCELONA 

Royal Albert Hall

This is a fascinating poster. 1937 London. Paul Robeson listed here as sending a message flew in from Moscow to give a star speech. “Fascism fights to destroy the culture which society has created through pain and suffering, through desperate toil, but with unconquerable will and lofty vision


Paul Robeson’s anti-fascist speech that stole show at Royal Albert Hall The actor, singer and activist flew to London for a 1937 benefit concert in aid of the Spanish Republic.

Great 5-part BBC radio series about 5 Paul Robeson songs . This one is on Old Man River including his famous rendition of it at battle of Teruel to Abraham Lincoln Batallion.