Belchite and the Spanish Civil War

The most dramatic remains from the Spanish Civil War.

This Google Earth view of ruined church of San Martín de Tours, destroyed during a Republican and then Francoist offensive during the Spanish Civil War… and above all by abandonment since the 1940s The most dramatic remains of the war don’t really across from the air.

La Pequeña Rusia

La Pequeña Rusia, “refugee” camp just outside Belchite, Aragón for “Red” families of Republican prisoners. Still called Little Russia today. Built to keep ‘infected” population at safe distance from new town as cordon sanitaire.

As shocking in its way as the ruined town itself.



YOUTUBE “La batalla de Belchite 1937“, el n.º 42 de la revista Desperta Ferro Contemporánea mediante una charla en directo que desarrollamos en Zoom

YOUTUBE Stéphane Michonneau – Belchite, la convivencia con un pasado violento (1937-2014), Very interesting lecture in Spainish