The anarchist revolution

José Rey’s (aka Sim) famous watercolour of a militia woman in the Barcelona revolutionary summer of 1936. Part of album Estampas de la Revolución Española, published in Barcelona, Paris, London and New York to raise funds for the anarchist cause. The Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War.


Colourised photo of tram collectivised by the anarchist CNT trade union. Bottom of Plaça Catalunya in front of Cafè Zurich, 1936. Note the Hotel Colon controlled by the PSUC, (Pro-soviet communist) in the background. Transport was collectivised in Barcelona throughout the war.

Collectivised transport

Item from the Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War. 5-cent Barcelona bus ticket from the successfully collectivised bus services of the anarchist CNT trade union. Public transport was collectivised until city fell in January 1939.


“Our work”. CNT AIT FAI, Collectivised Barcelona taxis unknown artist, 1936.

The Ritz Hotel

Report on the collectivisation of Barcelona’s Hotel Ritz (today’s Palace) by the CNT and UGT by British journalist John Langdon-Davies News Chronicle (London) 24 August 1936.

Collectivised dairy industry

Lovely milk label (1936-38) produced in Barcelona by the collectivised dairy industry of the CNT.

CNT headquarters in Barcelona

Headquarters of anarchist CNT trade union in Barcelona during the Civil War taken at some point after the death of Durruti (picturesd in banner). Situated on Via Laietana (Via Durruti during war after death of) Today again Catalan Employers’ Association. Photographer unknown

Kropotkin’s Conquest of Bread

Edition of Kropotkin’s Conquest of Bread, probably single most influential text on Spanish anarchist revolution. Inside was very nice surprise: theatre flyer from Teatre Pavón, Madrid, February 1938. The Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War.


  • Chris Ealham’s Anarchism and the CityRevolution and Counter-Revolution in Barcelona, 1898-1937.
  • VIDEO Ethel Macdonald A very interesting story about a Scottish anarchist woman’s involvement.
  • Telephone Exchange and Hotel Colon taken over the CNT and Communist Party respectively