Montjuïc tour

A loved and hated hill

This tour takes you on a journey around Barcelona in the Civil War, Francoism and its working class history by means of a walk across Montjuïc We’ll also discuss the older history and wildlife of the hill, including aspects of its geological and environmental past.

After taking the bus up, we’ll skirt round the castle and, without entering its walls, explain its history, intimately linked to the repression of the trade union movement, etc. We’ll also look at its function as a prison both during the war by the Republic and after as a key centre of repression in Francoist Barcelona. Among the many victims was Catalan president Lluis Companys, who was executed here in October 1940.

Next, we’ll continue along Camí del Mar, explaining various aspects of the sea and the port during the war, including the bombing of Barcelona by fascist Italy. Then it’s a hike down to a view over the Fossar de la Pedrera (again without actually entering), the mass grave of the victims of the Franco regime in Barcelona, where more than 1700 defeated republicans were buried after being shot by the Franco regime in Barcelona, today memorialised as arguably the most remarkable space of historical memory in Spain.

On the return journey, we’ll discuss aspects such as the huge shanty town which once covered the hill, the 1936 People’s Olympiad, Catalonia’s anti-fascist response to the Nazi Olympic games and cinema during the Spanish Civil War.


Time: 10-1330 approximately

Cost: 30/person

(also available as a private tour – 250e)

Dates: please see front page

Meeting point: in front of the funicular station (not cable car) at the top on Montjuïc. Take it from Parallel metro- part of metro system.

Bring transport cards, sun cream and water

The walk is not strenuous but it’s about 6 kilometres and it’s not suitable if you have mobility issues