Anti Nazi Germans and the Spanish Civil War

Campaign poster

Jugend; hilf spanien! – Youth: help Spain! Poster published in France 1937 by the Communist Party, calling for young German anti-fascist exiles to come to fight in Spain.

Some 3,000 anti-Nazis Germans fought in the IBs plus a few hundred in the POUM and CNT militias.



German exile antifascist magazine AIZ (Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung) with Spanish militaman. Published in Czechoslovakia on 29 July 1936. “Spain’s Popular Front in arms to defeat fascism”

German International Brigaders

Mainly German International Brigaders learning to use a field telephone (perhaps Soviet?) during the Spanish Civil War. 1937 Source:


Newspaper of German International Brigaders. Bruder. Nov 1938, Brigades officially disbanded though many, esp. from Central and Eastern Europe continued to fight. The Ebro lost, Munich. Just question of time by then. Photo, Robert Capa,of Aragón front, 36.

Germans in Barcelona

Rephotographing German International Brigaders wounded at the front recovering in Barcelona. Plaça Catalunya, March 1937?? I don’t know the photographer.

German anti-Nazis in Barcelona

Retrophotograph of Juan Guzmán original by my dear late friend Ulrich Eumann who writes “Hans Gutmann photo of a demonstration of German anti-fascists on the Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona on October 6, 1936. And around it in the montage my photo from October 5, 2012. In the background top left the sculpture on the roof of the building of the insurance company Unión y el Fénix Español in both photos.


Tomorrow the world, today Spain” 1936 postcard published in Barcelona by the exile German anarcho-syndicalist group (DAS -Gruppe Deutsche Anarcho-Syndikalisten im Auslan) of the Durruti Column. I can’t make out the German text on the bottom left.