Wales and the Spanish Civil War

Welsh miner and International Brigader Tom Jones, aka Twm Sbaen kneeling on the rright in Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona 1938 with British comrades. 200 or so volunteers from Wales came to fight against fascism in Spain. More on the Welsh in the Spanish Civil War in the excellent book You are Legend by @GeeTDee

Welsh miners in Spain

On display at the Civic Centre in Merthyr Tydfil is this memorial to the International Brigade volunteers from the Welsh mining town “who fought fascism in hope of saving Spanish democracy and averting a world war”. Commissioned by the South Wales Mining Federation in 1996.

Memorial unveiled to Welsh brigaders

Welsh mining support for the Republic

Aid for the Republic from the Welsh mining village of Abertillery. One box reads “The people of Abertillery say No Pasarán”. Another says “Abertillery people’s gift of food for the Spanish Republic” Portraits of La Pasionaria and Azaña are on display.