Was Gerda Taro murdered?


Was Gerda Taro murdered by Stalinists? This article in the New Statesman by Robin Stummer, based on an interview with Willie Brandt,  thinks so.

Gerda Taro was a fearless, pioneering chronicler of the Spanish Civil War. Robin Stummer uncovers evidence to suggest that her unflinching pictures led to her murder. Read


In an interview with the Spanish daily El País, a nephew of a Republican soldier at the Battle of Brunete explained that she had died in an accident. According to the eye-witness account, she had been run over by a reversing tank and she died from her wounds in El Goloso English hospital a few hours later. Wikipedia

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Gerda Taro
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Gerda Taro (19101937) was the first woman photojournalist to photograph in the heat of battle. Taro was the lover and photographic partner of famed photojournalist Robert Capa and, as his manager, is often credited for launching Capas career. She and Capa covered much of the Spanish Civil War side by side. Taro was killed in July 1937, while photographing a crucial battle near Madrid. ICP holds what is by far the worlds largest collection of Taros work, including approximately 200 prints as well as original negatives. Organized chronologically, this exhibition will include vintage and modern prints, and magazine layouts using Taros work. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, the first major collection of Taros work ever published.

Out of the Shadows: A Life of Gerda Taro (biography, I really want to read this soon)

“Gerda Taro was a fearless, pioneering chronicler of the Spanish Civil War… Taro was the first female war photographer. She created some of the most moving studies ever made of people in conflict.” –‘New Statesman’