Stalinist repression in Barcelona in 1937

A short letter from an Amercian member of the POUM describing the Stalinist repression in Barcelona in 1937

Dear Marty:

The P.O.U.M. has been suppressed. Its paper and plant, all institutions and buildings seized. All occupants arrested. Most of the leaders including Nin have been jailed.

Every foreigner not a Stalinist is suspect and scores and scores have been arrested.

Hundreds arrests take place. The streets bustle with armed assault guards and a Hitlerite tenor prevails.

All prisoners are held incommunicado; a gigantic frame-up is being concocted. The charge: Criminal political conspiracy with the German and Italian fascists.

I’ve been running around like a hunted rat. Detectives have appeared at my hotel. Fortunately, the clerk speaks English and gave me warning. …