Virtual tours

  • We’re working on an online booking system. For the time being, please email to book.
  • Guide Nick Lloyd or Catherine Howley
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Cost: 15 euros
  • Small groups (maximum 16 persons)
  • Interactive: ability to ask questions at different points during the talk.
  • Rarely seen photos and images
  • Use of original and unique objects from the war from the collection of the Walking Museum of the Spanish Civil War
  • Google street view incorporated

Homage to Catalonia

Guide: Nick Lloyd

George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia is almost certainly the most widely read account of the Spanish Civil War in English. It is a brilliantly written memoir of his experiences, accompanied, sentence after sentence, by acute personal observations and sharp if sometimes flawed political analysis. The tour takes you on his journey from the small Hertfordshire village of Wallington to revolutionary Barcelona and on to fighting with the POUM militia on the Aragón front. Returning to Barcelona we’ll discuss his role in the leftist infighting called the May Days and how he later escaped from the Stalinist-influenced police. Returning to Britain, we’ll talk about the book’s publishing history and impact, and how Orwell’s time in Catalonia and Aragón greatly shaped his future writing. We’ll end by considering how much of his political analysis of the conflict stands up to today’s historical understanding.

Talk 2: The International Brigades

Guide: Nick Lloyd

The 1930s saw the spread of fascism and rightwing autoritraiansm across Europe. The Spanish Civil War represented a rallying cry for a generation that here the tide could perhaps be stopped. Over 35,000 volunteers from fifty-two countries came to defend the Spanish Republic against Franco and his allies. This virtual walk and talk takes you on a journey around the story of the International Brigades, visiting the bloody battlegrounds of Jarama, Belchite and the Ebro. We’ll talk about their cultural and political origins in the European diaspora, and specifically the July 1936 People’s Olympiad in Barcelona. We’ll discuss how although their motivations may well have been complex, the overarching reason for their coming to fight for the Spanish Republic was anti-fascism. After Spain, those from Continental Europe faced an often grim fate in a universe of camps, while others played a very significant role in the partisan resistance movements. While British volunteers tended to be welcomed as heroes, American and Canadians faced the anti-communist backlash from their states. Conversely, in Eastern Europe many attained key roles in the new Stalinist states, above all in the GDR. These different forms of treatment has meant the legacy of the IBs varies significantly from country to country.

Reading and media for Homage to Catalonia

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