The Spanish Civil War – 1939

What you can see below is still very early in the draft. I’m still throwing stuff randomly at it, and watching it take shape. At the moment, much is taken from Wikipedia and the project is an attempt to build on this.

January 15

France once again allows arms to flow to the Republic.
January 26
Barcelona falls to the Nationalists.
February 5
The Consejo de Defensa Nacional, headed by Colonel Casado, tries without success to negotiate with Franco.
The Republican government goes into exile in France.
On March 4, 1939 Casado, claiming that Prime Minister Juan Negrín was planning a Communist takeover, conducted a coup d’état with the support of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party‘s moderate pro-Western wing leader Julián Besteiro and disillusioned anarchist leaders and established an anti-Negrín Junta de Defensa Nacional.[5]General José Miaja in Madrid joined the rebellion on March 6 by ordering the arrests of Communists in the city. Negrin, preparing to leave for France, ordered Luis Barceló, commander of the 1st Corps of the Army of the Center, to try to regain control of the capital. His troops entered Madrid and there was fierce fighting for several days in the capital. Anarchist troops led by Cipriano Mera managed to defeat the 1st Corps, and Barceló was captured and executed. 

Casado then attempted to negotiate a peace settlement with General Francisco Franco, but Franco refused anything less than unconditional surrender.

March 5
The remaining Republican navy ships (three cruisers, eight destroyers and one submarine) flee to Tunis where they are interned.
March 28
With the virtual disintegration of the Republican army, the Nationalists take Madrid without further fighting. the Nationalist Army entered Madrid virtually unopposed on March 27, 1939
March 29
Effective end of hostilities.
April 1
Franco announces the end of the war.

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