M&Ms and the Spanish Civil War

An odd one. Apparantly the idea for M&Ms were modeled after chocolates that the man behind Mars, Forrest Mars Sr, had discovered while in Spain during the during the Civil War. It seems that Forrest got the idea when he saw soldiers eating a pieces of chocolate covered with a crisp sugar coating—the chocolate pieces did not melt in the hot temperatures at the front…I don’t know on which the side the soldiers were on. More here

The United New School Board


One of the revolutionary changes in Catalonia during the war, was the establishment of the CENU (Consell de l’Escola Nova Unificada) school board on 27 July 1936 which provided free, secular, mixed education for ALL, including to my knowledge the creation of the first free public nurseries in Spain.

We could do with going back to this universal system today, instead of the elitist public/semi-private/private modal which dominates today in Catalonia.