English-Spanish Grammar


English-Spanish Grammar. Compiled and edited by “The Volunteer for Liberty Organ” of the International Brigades. Barcelona, 1938.

Alan Warren noted:

 On March 3rd 1938, John Tisa discussed the forthcoming publication of this booklet with Robert Merriman near Teruel. ” About the grammar, I told him the printing costs would be a little over 4,000 pesetas for 2,000 copies; it would be in paperback, simplified, and dedicated solely to help our men pick up Spanish rapidly. He gave the go-ahead and even suggested to the staff that it would be sold for 5 pesetas to replenish the brigade treasury. Someone said that if we dont sell all 2,000, “We’ll ship the rest back home after the war.” José Maria Sastre expressed doubts about the value of the grammar. He said we’d probably end up eating the book. Gates: “At least we will have digested some Spanish.” (“Recallng the Good Fight” by John Tisa, 1985. p. 129). There are some great phrases in the book!

The Spanish Holocaust

The Spanish holocaust · ELPAÍS.com in English. Review of Paul Preston’s seminal work
Clemency was not a word that Captain Manuel Díaz Criado understood. During his four months in charge of security in the Andalusian capital of Seville following the capture of the city in July 1936 by the forces of General Francisco Franco, he launched a reign of terror, rounding up anybody suspected